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23 Feb 2019

Aero India 2019 Visit

Date : 23rd February 2019

Time : 10.00 AM to 2.30 PM

Venue : HAL Airport, Bangalore

No. of Participants : 32 (ASE), IV Semester Students + One AS Staff.

About the Visit

Students visited Aero India 2019 and got an exposure to see present Indian achievements in the aircraft design & manufacturing, Air Show. The visit started at 10.00AM. They have seen several aircrafts belongs to India and other countries like USA, Russia, France and Italy. All air breathing engine models like Turbojet, Turbo-prop, Turbo shaft etc models have given them an idea about the constructions of engine parts. The missile models and radars have given them an idea on defence related technologies.

Got the Exposure on

  • Fighter, AWACS and Transport aircrafts
  • Air-breathing Engines
  • Landing Gear systems
  • Missiles and Radar Systems
  • Various Companies related to defence
  • Drones and UAV’s

In the visit students had a visual exposure about different aircrafts and various parts. The students were expressed that this program was highly useful to them to understand the journey of Indian aviation (both civil and military) and as well as to gain the knowledge on aircraft sub-systems. The visit finished by 02.30pm after taking the opinion and feedback from students.

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