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Department of Mathematics

Department of Mathematics

The Department of Basic Sciences was established in the year 2000 and it consists of Dept. of Physics, Dept. of Chemistry and Dept. of Mathematics. We believe that mathematics is not just a study about numbers but about the life itself. Mathematics lies everywhere in our daily life, smoothening and improving our lifestyle. Our department believes in strong student- teacher bonding. Our experienced and highly qualified faculty members are well known for participating in various national level conferences /workshops / seminars. They are keen to work on the developments in graph theory and finite element method research. We believe if the universe can be read with only one language, the language has to be mathematics, and the geometrical figures are its alphabets- this can also be called as our motto.


It is our mission to encourage the inquisitiveness in students and make them understand the fundamentals of basic sciences. We make our students aware of the latest development in basic sciences as it will lead them to utilize those information for the development of future technology.


We strive to feed a budding engineer with finest aspects of science and mathematics that make them learn, understand, exploit and innovate, thus contribute to the technological advancement happening in the world.


We believe our students and their performance only can act as our perfect testimonial. So our main objective is that to impart quality education to our students with best available facilities. It is our greatest objective to obtain consistent and excellent results that would serve as our resume.