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APJ Innovation Centre @ ACSCE

The APJ Abdul Kalam (APJ) Innovation Centre has been started to promote both theoretical and experimental research in areas of both industry relevance and social importance. It is an inter-disciplinary research center to promote amalgamation & fusion of ideas amongst the various schools of the university. At present, The School of Engineering & technology (SET) is contributing through its faculty & research scholars registered in its various disciplines like Mechanical, Electrical, Computer Science, Physics & Chemistry. In the near future, the innovation center will be working closely with the School of Architecture, School of Management & School of Design. At this time the research that have been identified as key thrust areas is solar energy and related applications in areas like Green Computing, Internet of Things, solar thermal water pumping solutions, Development of low cost concentration PV modules, low cost solar drying technologies, Solar Bio conversion etc. Another objective of the Innovation center is to foster and generate interest among under graduate students to carry out socially relevant projects as part of their end-semester project, offer avenues for practical research to MTech and PhD scholars. This centre will nurture and encourage entrepreneurial approach among students and faculty in fostering creativity, idea generation and product development besides closely working with the local industry. It will facilitate inter-disciplinary research and provide incubation facilities to start ups and budding entrepreneurs, In the near future the innovation center will also provide support in the patenting process.

Objectives of the Innovation Centre


Achievements of Students in the Innovation Centre