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Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering

Aeronautical Engineering Department was established in year of 2010 with an intake of 60, affiliated under VTU with AICTE recognition to meet the scope of burgeoning needs of Aerospace industry. Importance is given to full-fledged laboratories, Research activities & experienced Faculties with industrial exposure as well. Leading application of Science and Technology in Aeronautical and Aerospace engineering for global utility To produce and train responsible, competent, creative and innovative professionals in the field of aeronautical and aerospace engineering through world class academic and application programs.

Quality Policy

  • To provide competitive and academic programs to produce technologists and professionals for national and global needs.
  • To be a centre for reference, research and consultation through smart partnership with industries and stake holders.
  • Educate tomorrow’s leaders through innovative educational programs & pedagogies that have as their context the conception, design, implementation and operation of systems; and processes; create research opportunities that generate inventions, technologies and solutions to Aerospace problems.


With of our generous management, mentors, expert supporting faculty and dedicated students we see ourselves as:
  • Constituting a department dedicated to excellence in the field of aeronautical engineering education.
  • Inculcating in our students a sense of responsibility for ethical practice and of concern for the environment.
  • Leading the wider aeronautical community with advances in the research areas in aeronautical domain.
  • Catering the societal needs so that the education we provide advances in knowledge


  • To provide capable, motivated, and globally competent students with an aeronautical engineering education of the highest quality, that will enable them to reach their maximum potential in a technological world.
  • To significantly advance our knowledge in aeronautical related disciplines.
  • To serve the larger community of which we are a part, the nation, and the Karnataka state, where our abilities can be uniquely useful.

Department Profile

Silicon city Bangalore is a hub of various Aerospace industries. With the intensions to fulfil the increasing demands of skilled manpower in these industries and hence to serve the society, the Department of Aeronautical Engineering was established in year 2010 with under Graduate Course in Bachelor of Engineering in Aeronautical Engineering under VTU, Belgaum. The course is approved by AICTE, New Delhi. Course includes study in the areas of Aircraft Structures, Propulsion, Aerodynamics, Aircraft Performance, Stability and Control, Avionics, Aircraft Systems & Flight testing, various simulation and modelling techniques and Flight Vehicle Design concepts. On successful completion of the course the student may get opportunities to join various Aerospace industries like NAL, ARDC, GTRE, HAL, ISRO, TCS, Goodrich, Satyam Mahindra, Safran Engineering Services etc.


The department has the following state-of-the-art laboratories,  Aerodynamics Lab, Energy Conversion Lab, Foundry&Forging Lab,  Machine Shop, Material Testing Lab, Metrology Lab, Propulsion  Lab, Structures Lab etc.

Laboratory Facilities

Aerodynamics Lab:

The students get an understanding of nature of flow past various models through flow visualization techniques. The nature of pressure distribution over various aerofoil and body shapes is explained. The wake and boundary layer survey provide information on the momentum thickness and displacement thickness.

Structures Lab:

It provides the student with the practical knowledge of the various theorems, like -reciprocal theorem, buckling phenomenon of columns, WAGNER beam stresses information. The vibration of beam equipment provides information on types of modes and vibration patterns.

Propulsion Lab:

Experiments related to aircraft engines, force measurements through wall jets and measurement of speed of flame propagation is checked.

Departmental Activities since inception of the Department

Since then several technical talks and conferences have been arranged. For enhancing the practical skills, association also encourages students to participate in aero-modelling and various extra co curricular activities. Students have participated in various national events and won some of the events bringing laurels to themselves and the college.

Students Forum of the Department

Department has got its students association by name METAL HAWKS, inaugurated in the year 2011. Since then several technical talks and conferences have been arranged for enhancing the students’ practical skills. The association also encourages students to participate in aero-modelling and various extra co curricular activities.

University Results

Department has got a unique record of getting 100% results in VTU Examination, with more than 50% of students scoring distinction and remaining First Class.

Last year results, 3 of our students ranked in the top 10 at the university level.


Sl. No.





Prof. R.R . Elongovan

M.Tech, (Ph.D)

Professor & HOD


Dr. Shaik Ismail

M.Tech, Ph. D



Dr. N Nagarajan

M.E, Ph. D



Mr. Dhanya Prakash Babu

M.Tech, (Ph.D)

Asso. Prof.


Dr. Mukesh

M.E, Ph. D

Asso. Prof.


Mr. P. Soma


Asso. Prof.


Mr. Inamual Hasan


Asst. Prof.


Mr. P . Radha Krishanan


Asst. Prof.


Mr. Ranjan.H.M


Asst. Prof.


Ms. Archana Tangavelu


Asst. Prof.


Mr. V .Ramji.




Mr. G . Raju